ThunderCart - the editable TDS online shopping cart software

eCommerce Shopping Cart Software

What is ThunderCart?

ThunderCart is an editable ecommerce shopping cart software that will enable you to sell your product easily that will ensure the satisfaction of your customers and yourself. Our expert staff of developers and programmers will integrate the ThunderCart system into your existing website or develop a ThunderCart as part of new web development. To see websites already using ThunderCart, see our Ecommerce website Portfolio. Editable eCommerce Shopping Cart Software

ThunderCart Features:

  • Easily Add, Edit, and Delete products
  • Product Image Upload
    • Automatically generates thumbnail photo
    • Includes link to enlarged product photo
  • Up to 4 editable drop-down selections per product
    • Ability to charge additional fees per drop-down option
  • Editable Titles, Descriptions, and Pricing
  • Editable Shipping Fees by total price
  • Editable Styles, Colors & Layout
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Unlimited categories and shopping cart pages
  • Total Administrative Control

ThunderCart Benefits

In order to fully utilize the potential of the Internet to promote and further your company's goals, it is vital that potential customers have the opportunity to purchase your products online. ThunderCart - Add New Product Display In addition, through ecommerce exists the possibility of reaching customers well beyond your present geographic region, thereby increasing sales.

E-commerce enables you to keep your virtual business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Consider the hours of operation for your company. If you are like most small businesses in the United States and throughout the world, your window of opportunity is around 8 hours, somewhere between 8AM to 5PM. Now consider the prospect of arriving to work in the morning and finding that you have already completed a large number of sales, well before your window of opportunity. The possibility exists and Thunder Data Systems is fully capable of making this a reality, with the utilization of our custom eCommerce software, ThunderCart.

ThunderCart - Shopping Cart Display It is possible that your business already possesses an e-commerce system, however the process of editing and changing items or prices within your inventory is time consuming and often confusing. ThunderCart was developed to be flexible and easily maintained as a plugin for PmWiki, a content management system that makes creating and maintaining your inventory as simple as editing a Word document. Editing your inventory simply requires a few minutes of your time, a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Etc.) and an Internet connection. Changes occur within the same page you are creating, while editing items, descriptions, or photos. ThunderCart allows business owners a simple, reliable, and efficient method to increase their sales potential.

Additionally, many online products and catalogs suffer from poor search engine performance. ThunderCart actual product display This result occurs from a common method of creating and maintaining your database through the use of an external editing software such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage. These methods create code that may display products well, but which many search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo) cannot read. This leads to low search placement, which in turn translates into less potential customers. The ThunderCart advantage means clean and search engine friendly code is created for your online catalog, leading to higher placement for potential searchers.

If you are looking for ways to increase your businesses profit margin, ThunderCart e-commerce software is an opportunity that you cannot afford to pass up. Contact us and see what our staff of caring and experienced professionals can do for site and your business.


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